Under the KRAMBA umbrella we will now be offering a Mental Health First Aid support.


Bit of Background....

I have a psychology degree and plenty of experience in supporting people and working out strategies to help them deal with their issues. I come from the perspective of not being a health professional but someone who can bring knowledge and good practice suggestions to issues. I would listen and work with you the business and the worker to create a plan to improve the situation. This might be anything from suggesting signposting to working with the individual actively listening to what they want and then acting as an advocate for them. I would  prepare a report and then build in reviews and on going support.




Is to support companies make their environments a safe and empowering place, for all types of people with all different types of mental and physical health needs.


To explore evidence based intelligence and best practice approaches together to empower individuals in the company/communities we are working with. 
To be responsive to the individuals needs and that of the company’s needs, and influence improvement in the planning and delivery of mental health and equality approaches.
To work in partnership with all parties concerned including external parties.
To help raise awareness of mental health and well being issues

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